Anxiety is often the fear of fear itself.

This week I talked to Janine.

Janine is a late twenties millennial who exhibits all the normal behaviours I have come to recognise in Millennials.

She comes from a fairly normal family, if normal can be defined. Her parents are still mostly happy together, they have financial options and they own property. She is able to communicate with her parents and there is an element of friendship that exists between them.

She speaks her mind, is good at her job. She has a college/university degree and has travelled and lived overseas.

She also is active in her local church and…

Anxiety’s like riding a rollercoaster with the safety bar up.

Woman sitting on the floor with her hands on her face.
Woman sitting on the floor with her hands on her face.
Anxiety can be like running a marathon every day in your head. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

It can feel like your mind is strapped to the front of a high-speed train that never stops. There is a constant fear and never-ceasing loop of worry playing in your mind. Your heart explodes with adrenaline without warning, your breathing becomes shallow and you often lose the ability to answer basic questions that are directed at you.

While I am grateful that the stigmas surrounding mental health are lifting, it hasn’t made it go away for those of us that suffer from it. …

Business traveller sitting on ground with laptop
Business traveller sitting on ground with laptop
This guy is totally faking it.

‘You’re so lucky’ said everyone, ever, when I told them what I did for a job. You must love travelling to see the world, staying in 5* hotels and eating at all the nice restaurants?

Yes…business travel sounds so glamorous when you’re looking at it from your regular 9-to-5 job and routine based lifestyle. But actually, it’s really not.

Let me help explain what it’s really like to travel for work and maybe it will help you support someone you might know who lives this lifestyle.

If it’s you that lives this lifestyle, you’ll feel every word I write with…

Protesters against Trump — Supporting Science
Protesters against Trump — Supporting Science
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

Let me try to set the tone here from the beginning so you’re not guessing where this is going. A little honesty to kick things off so you don’t feel I’ve led you down a click-bait path of boredom.

First fact, Donald Trump and I don’t agree on much.

Second fact, Christianity and I don’t agree on much either. Love others and treat them as you would like to be treated is about it.

But let me be clear, I care deeply for those in the Church — it’s the institution that I struggle with.

Before you write this post…

Marcus Cicero

The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil. I spend my days working and my nights…working.

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